6 tph WNS series two-pass gas-fired steam boiler project for the food industry

  • Project boiler medium:Steam
  • Capacity:6tph
  • Location:Dehui, Jilin
  • Equipment:WNS6-1.25-Q
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ZOZEN gas-fired boilers with excellent quality and performance were reliable. The feedback from CP Group which had purchased ZOZEN gas-fired boilers previously was that the boiler was of high efficiency, sufficient output and excellent service. ZOZEN was indeed a well-known brand of the industrial boiler industry.

— Jilin Deda Co., Ltd.

Jilin Deda Co., Ltd. is a joint venture established by Jilin Songliao Poultry Co., Ltd. and CP Group in 1989. Since its official operation in 1992, Jilin Deda has developed into a leading enterprise of agriculture industrial production with fixed assets of 2 billion yuan, which integrates breeding of poultry, grain and oil planting, broiler feeding, feed processing, oil processing, chicken processing, liquor brewing and other diversified production. Jilin Deda chicken products sell well in more than 30 provinces and are exported to Japan, South Korea, Russia, South Africa, West Asia, Southeast Asia and other countries regions. Industrial boilers provide important high-efficient heat source for the production processes.

This time, Jilin Deda purchased a branch of ZOZEN WNS series gas-fired boilers for demands of meat production and workers' heat supply. This type of gas-fired steam boilers adopts horizontal internal combustion wetback structure with novel design and rational structure. The burner flame is burning in large-diameter corrugated furnace in slight positive vacuum condition. It combined with high-efficient threaded smoke tubes and scientific furnace heat preservation design that can effectively improve thermal efficiency to more than 98%, which is superior to the national Level 1 energy efficiency standard and can realize the expected energy-saving goal of Jilin Deda. Besides, the advanced automatic control system can realize automatic start-stop, load adjustment, water supply and other operations according to the demands of users. With features of easy operation and low failure rate, the control system is both safe and reliable.

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